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The Easy-Care Plant Hanger


Versatile hanging flower baskets have the ability to create instant and spectacular flowering garden layouts over a wide range of conditions. However they require additional care with watering and pruning.


After watching garden lovers precariously balancing on rickety chairs or steps trying to care for their plants, we thought, there must be a better way.


Necessity is the mother of invention and so the EASY-CARE ADJUSTABLE GARDEN HANGER was born.


At last someone has made life a little easier for garden lovers. The EASY-CARE Adjustable Hanger enables you to raise and lower your hanging baskets with an easy one hand operation.


It is no longer necessary to balance precariously on a chair or steps in order to care for your hanging baskets. With your EASY-CARE adjustable Hanger you simply lower your plants to an accessible and comfortable height with an easy one hand operation, then water, prune or replant as required. When you have completed your tasks, return the plant back to the desired height, again with an easy one hand operation.


The EASY-CARE Adjustable Hanger also enables you to instantly arrange your plants at various levels for some truly spectacular results.


The hanger has a hanging capacity of 15kgs (33lbs). It is a multi-purpose hanger for use indoors or out and it is also suitable for birdcages, birdfeeders etc.

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