A Hang-up worth having

Are you sick of balancing precariously on a chair in an attempt to water your hanging plants? No doubt you are, especially water runs down your arm.

A Victorian Company has just launched a product that will alleviate the ‘wet shirt” problem. Known as Easy-Care Adjustable Hanger, this clever device can be easily raised and lowered with one hand to enable you to water, prune or replant. It can then be returned to the desired height; when used in conjunction with other hangers, it produces quite spectacular results.

Available in Federation Green, the Easy-Care Hanger can also be used with bird cages, bird feeders and for lighting purposes. It costs only 9.95 plus postage, needs no maintenance and is waterproof.

For further information contact Markel Enterprises, PO Box 3226, Wheelers Hill, Victoria, 3150 or phone (03) 9545 3991.

Gardening Australia March 2000